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Here are more photos and altered images. Click with your mouse to enlarge them.

Client: United States Navy
Sepia of Old Ironsides putting up her sails for the first time in over a century.

Client: Dorchester Community News (newspaper)
Victory. A Boston Park League team from Dorchester wins the Park League title, and sprays champagne.

Client: United States Navy
Aircraft carrier JFK (CV67), "Big John", berthed in Boston, dwarfing the skyline.

Client: Photo Stock
Replica of racing yacht America in Boston Tall Ship Parade.

Client: United States Navy
Same photo as at left, but in color. Which do you like? (Navy liked sepia).

Client: Pine Street Inn
A homeless man on a cold winter day. We got him a blanket.

Client: All Dorchester Sports League et al..
Boston Park League Hall of Fame's Kevin Bailey slides back to first, shortly before stealing a base.

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